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The Joplin Flyers is excited to have membership opportunities available.  For about the cost of a hangar for your own plane, you can enjoy the benefits of club membership without the surprise expenses of owning.  Benefits include:

  • One fantastic airplane

  • Low wet rate

  • on-line scheduling

  • social events

  • educational events

  • Cost sharing of multiple planes

  • Community of fellow pilots

  • Club Flight Instructor

  • Two side by side hangars

  • Our members combine for over 100 years of total flying experience

  • Buy-in less than down payment on an airplane

Membership Fees

There is a one time buy-in fee of $3,000.00.

Monthly Dues are currently $250.00.


Our dues vary based on actual expenses divided by number of members.  Dues in 2018 were $250 per month.   Dues cover our fixed operating expenses such as insurance, debt on airplanes, annuals, hangar rent, etc. Our goal is to maintain our dues at $250 a month or less.

See our Aircraft page for info on current wet rates.

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